XM Lighting Testimonials

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Dear Sirs, “I would like to complement you on your new products, namely the XM bulbs we received from you just a few weeks ago. I am very pleased with the quality and price of these bulbs. However, more importantly, if the corals could talk, I am sure they would thank you as well. Your pricing has made it possible to ensure more frequent lamp changes without sacrificing quality (and quantity) of light provided for our precious marine life”. Walt Smith
Walt Smith International (Fiji) Ltd.
Pacific Aqua Farms
“I have been a hobbyist, giant clam importer, guest speaker, and business owner for many years. I have used many different types of light bulbs on my tanks. The XM bulbs are the finest ever! For a combination of superier color and growth, this is the only way! Also, the lifespan far exceeds the competition. My corals, clams, and I are totally satisfied with the XM bulb”. Jim Norris
Vice President
Marine Aquarist's Association of South Texas
“XM Metal Halide are one of the most important innovations in the marine aquarium hobby in the over 35 years I have been in the hobby. XM's provide the absolute best light for keeping colorful Acropora corals; they are one of the secrets to my success! After years of trying all types of lamps, I now exclusively use and highly recommend XM Metal Halide lamps to anyone that wants colorful corals. If your corals look dull and drab, then try XM lamps, stand back, and get ready to be wow'd”. Dr. Mac
Dr. Mac& Sons Corals
“XM 15000k 250 watt metal halide bulbs have the best color to really enhance the color of sps, lps, and soft corals. The exact look of the bulbs are a white color with a hint of blue, they go excellent with actinic blue t5 bulbs, this really makes the corals explode with color. The XM's also go great with 10000k t5 bulbs this changes the spectrum to less of a blue tint but really brightens up the tank with a mix of blue and white from the XM's and a hint of natural day light with the 10000k t5's. Both combinations go excellent with this type of metal halide bulb, it is what the hobbyist prefers”. Ryan Novak
“I had the xm bulb before. When it was time to replace I tried another brand. It was too bright, not enough blue. My corals were hating life (not opening and shrinking)so I immediately ordered an xm. After being on for 2 days my corals opened and my zoo's are poppin. Awesome bulb and I highly recommend it to all my fellow reefers. Jason Day
“I have used many different types of bulbs but I prefer the crisp blue/white color from the XM bulbs. I have been using XM for about 4 years now”. Teresa Colyer